• Proper infection control standards are practiced for everyone’s safety, health, and well being.

• Education is key – informed clients is our goal. The more you know about your skin, the better! We encourage you to ask questions.

• Skincare Simplified – As your Skin Therapist, my goal is to un-complicate or simplify skincare for clients. We’ll discuss realistic goals, build a skincare routine, and provide treatment options to help you meet your goals.

• Double dipping with wax or sugaring paste is not allowed under any circumstances!

• Gratuity is always welcomed for great service!


Due to the ongoing effects of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) outbreak in our local communities you may also notice changes in our clinic. As our client we want you to understand that the health and safety of our community, clients and employees are our top priority.

And while it has always been our standard practice to follow strict infection control measures at our clinic, due to COVID -19 we have implemented the additional measures listed below to further protect both our clients and employees. We thank-you for your understanding and support in this trying time.


• PLEASE DO NOT BOOK IF YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED COVID OR ANY COVID LIKE SYMPTOMS (as stated below) IN THE PAST FOURTEEN (14) DAYS (Even if you have the vaccine and booster this still applies regardless of the CDC 5 day quarantine requirement)

• Upon arrival, please wait in your vehicle or in the lobby and send a text to 770-765-5469 to CHECK IN. Once we are ready for you we will send a reply to come in.

• You are required to wear a face mask and wash your hands when entering our facility. If you do not have a face mask, we will have them available for purchase.

• You will be required to have your temperature taken by touchless thermometer upon entering our facility.

• We will ask you a brief screening questionnaire.

• We are only allowing clients into our clinic one at a time - children, family, friends or extra guests are not allowed.

• Please limit the personal items you bring into the spa. The least items you bring in the better.

• All clients must wash their hands for 20 seconds before services are rendered. Hand sanitizer will also be available.

• Clients must practice responsible physical/social distancing at least before your appointment (this does not include going out for essentials, like groceries or the pharmacy). This extends to anyone in your household.

• IF YOU DO TEST POSITIVE FOR COVID-19, PLEASE CANCEL IMMEDIATELY. Cancellation fees are not waived due to Covid. As soon as you feel an inkling that you are unwell you should CANCEL to avoid late cancellation fees.